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Yarn Crafts Kids Can Make

You'll have a ball this summer when you spend an afternoon creating these simple yarn crafts with your kids.
Yarn Ladybug Yarn Ladybug

Get crafty -- and a little messy, too -- when you and your kids sculpt this adorable ladybug from red and black yarn.

Make It: Blow up two balloons, one larger than the other. In a nonstick bowl, create a mixture of one part Elmer's glue and one part water. Your kids will love dipping red and black yarn into the mixture and wrapping it around the balloons. Once you've reached your desired coverage, allow it to dry for 24 hours or until the yarn hardens. Then pop and remove the balloons and trim the bottom edges of the ladybug to create a flat base. Decorate by adding black chenille stems for antennae, googly eyes on the face, and black felt dots on the body. Attach the head using black chenille stems.