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8 Ways to Solve Potty Training's Biggest Challenges

You've made the commitment to start potty training your child, but didn't realize how frustrating it could be. Take a deep breath, you're not alone. Real-life moms and medical experts share their knowledge for overcoming common obstacles.
girl on potty Never Leave Home Without a Potty

Problem: You can't stay home all the time, even if it's easier to be somewhere familiar when potty training your tot.

Solution: Just because you're potty training your toddler doesn't mean you have to go stir crazy! Get out and try to maintain a normal schedule. "Keep a portable potty in the trunk of your car," says Regan Adrian, M.S., early childhood development, and mother of 2-year-old Morgan. "There are a few on the market that allow you to utilize gallon zipper bags to dispose of right away. You'll be happy you have it for those long road trips or for afternoons spent outdoors, especially at a park with no bathroom."