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Potty Training Tips for Boys

Potty training boys can be tough! To the rescue: Jen Singer, author of the Stop Second-Guessing Yourself guides to parenting and Pull-Ups Potty Training Expert.
father holding son close Have a Dude Show Him the Way

Face it. Sometimes it's just easier for Dad to show his son exactly what to do. Oftentimes Mom is on potty duty, or in the case of single moms like me, there is not a male role model in the home 24/7. "On average, boys take longer to potty train, largely because Mom is usually in charge of the process," says Singer, mother of two boys. "And try as we might, we can't model peeing while standing all that well." As a single mom I feel like there's no harm in letting my son watch me, since he tends to mimic me in other everyday situations (brushing hair and teeth and slipping on socks). However, I know it's cool for him to have a guy around (like my two awesome brothers). Singer agrees: "It's best to have Dad, a grandfather, uncle, or older brother show your son how it's done."