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Dazzling Sparkle Kids' Crafts

Transform ordinary craft ideas from drab to fab by adding a little bling. Our easy projects offer hours of bedazzling fun.
Styrofoam Frog Sparkly Frog

It's easy being green when you're all decked out in glittering rhinestones -- or at least your kids will think so after glamming up this cute plastic foam frog.

Make It: With a serrated knife, trim off a thin layer of a 4-inch plastic foam ball, giving it a stable bottom. (All cutting should be done by an adult.) Paint a belly with a light green acrylic paint and the rest of the ball with a dark green.

Cut two 2-inch foam balls in half (two halves are for the eyes; two are for the feet). To make each eye, cut off one edge of a ball half so it can sit on top of the head, as shown. Make two eyes in this way. Paint the flat part of the eye that faces forward light green and the rest dark green. Set aside to dry. Cut off one edge from the feet pieces at an angle to fit the body. Paint dark green and set aside to dry.

Use glue to assemble the parts as shown. Embellish with rhinestones, googly eyes, a wire mouth, and any other embellishments you want to enhance your new amphibian friend.