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Dazzling Sparkle Kids' Crafts

Transform ordinary craft ideas from drab to fab by adding a little bling. Our easy projects offer hours of bedazzling fun.
Sequined CD Fish Sequined CD Fish

Your little ones will love turning old CDs into a hanging aquarium of sparkling fish that will catch the light in every part of the house.

Make It: Glue one googly eye each to the iridescent side of two CDs. Add small drops of tacky glue and help your kids attach sequins to the rest of both CDs. Cut out fins and lips from cardstock and adhere to the noniridescent side of one CD. Next, determine the length of twine you'll need to hang the fish, double it, and tie the ends together. Glue the twine to the top of one of the CD's noniridescent sides. Then adhere the two CDs together -- don't forget to line up the eyes!