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Decoding Baby's Expressions

Wish your little one would just tell you what the heck she wants? Turns out it's written all over her face.
baby expressions Fascination

The Signs: Zooming in on something with the eyes and lowering or raising her eyebrows; mouth slightly agape. May squeal, point, or move toward the thing she's focused on.

What to Do: While picking up a wire whisk might not be exciting to you, it can be like stumbling upon the Hope Diamond to your baby, so let her touch and play with an object, assuming it's safe. Encourage her interest in new experiences by describing what she sees as if you were a sportscaster giving a play-by-play. Say, "That's a whisk. It's silver. Hear the funny noise when I tap it on the floor?" Allowing your baby to explore can help boost brain development.

When babies start to gesture toward objects around 9 to 12 months, "it means they're eager for more info, a prime moment to help them learn about language," notes Jana Iverson, Ph.D., director of the Infant Communication Lab at the University of Pittsburgh. "Pointing and reaching is really saying, 'Hey, I want to know more about this!' " she notes.