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Tummy-Time Activities

Between naps and nighttime, your baby can spend as many as 15 hours a day on his back. To balance that out, he needs to spend some time lying on his stomach when he's awake. Tummy-time activities promote neck and core strength and make it less likely that he'll develop a flat spot on the back of his head. Follow these suggestions to engage your baby in activity that will help him grow into a strong and healthy toddler.
baby on tummy What Is Tummy Time?

Since your baby spends so much time on his back, he need tummy time to help strengthen his neck muscles which will lead to other physical milestones. Tummy time includes a variety of activities, positions, and routines to keep your infant spending a significant amount of time on his tummy. Whether he likes it or not (and most don't at first), your baby needs this time to practice lifting his head, then pushing up from the ground.

Add this exercise to your routine: When carrying Baby against your hip, alternate the hip he sits on frequently. This will encourage him to turn his head from left to right.