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Family Recipes Made for Baby

Studies show that babies become more adaptable eaters when they eat foods prepared for the whole family. Renee Lessen, a clinical nutritionist at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, says, "As long as your family is eating well, there is no reason why your baby shouldn't have what you're having." Most dinners can be easily tailored to food fit for Baby, saving time and money and adding a seat at the table for the littlest family member.
Ratatouille with pasta spirals Ratatouille with Pasta Spirals

Soft, sauteed veggies can be blended for a smooth pureed baby food or set out in a bowl for Baby to handle herself. Once children have been cleared of wheat allergies or intolerances, pasta becomes a staple finger food or textural component to Stage 2 foods. Set aside a few cooked vegetables from this ratatouille for Baby and add plain cooked spirals for her to nibble while you enjoy the complete dish.