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Encouraging Baby to Crawl

It's downright amazing when your baby starts scooting across the floor. We'll tell you what you need to know about this fun physical feat.
baby crawling Ready, Set, Crawl!

Amelia Hunt started crawling at 7 months, but not in the traditional way. She had her own style: "Sitting up, she would slide across the floor on her bottom," says her mother, Gayle, of Hoboken, New Jersey. Amelia soon abandoned this for a new -- albeit less efficient -- method. She'd lie flat on her belly and move backward by pushing off with her hands. "Unfortunately, since she couldn't see where she was going, she often got stuck under the couch," explains Hunt.

Like Amelia, most babies will try a variety of crawling styles, from the butt scoot and backward inchworm to the bear walk (with arms and legs straight and bottom in the air, she'll "walk" on hands and feet) to the leapfrog (on all fours, she pushes off with her legs and practically jumps forward). Eventually, though, most kids settle on the standard crawl. "By 9 months, Amelia was getting around on her hands and knees like a pro," says Hunt.