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Chores for Busy Toddlers

The earlier your child learns how to do housework, the easier it will be to get him to complete chores in the future. Here are some simple chores appropriate for toddlers.
cleaning up Pick Up Toys & Books

It's good to get in the habit of cleaning up after playtime. Encourage your child to put things back by establishing a home for his playthings. Books can go in baskets or on a bookshelf. Toys can go in a toy box, in baskets, or on shelves. Next, take a walk through your rooms and find abandoned toys. Make a game of pickup time by asking your toddler, "Do you see the truck? Where does it go?" You might be surprised that your toddler knows the answer without being prodded. But if he doesn't know, use this as a teaching moment--and make it fun. Pick up the toy and walk it its keeping place together.