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Top 10 Toddler Fears

Toddlers exhibit many fears, and it can be tough to know how to reassure them of their safety. We talked to Dr. Ayelet Talmi, associate director of child development and infant health at The Children's Hospital in Denver, about the most common toddler fears and what you can do to help your child through his insecurities. Plus, she has tips on raising a child capable of managing fear.
baby in crib crying Fear: Separations

What He's Thinking: Why are you leaving me? What if you never come back?

How to Help: It's normal for toddlers to become anxious or afraid when their primary caregivers leave. The key: a healthy good-bye routine. "Always leave your child with a trusted and familiar caregiver, and have the same brief good-bye routine each time you go," Dr. Ayelet Talmi says. Help your child get involved in an activity before you leave, and be sure to tell him good-bye -- don't just sneak away. "The good-bye routine can include reassurance that Mommy always comes back," Dr. Talmi says. "And once you leave, make every effort not to go back as this might disrupt your child's transition."