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Top 10 Toddler Fears

Toddlers exhibit many fears, and it can be tough to know how to reassure them of their safety. We talked to Dr. Ayelet Talmi, associate director of child development and infant health at The Children's Hospital in Denver, about the most common toddler fears and what you can do to help your child through his insecurities. Plus, she has tips on raising a child capable of managing fear.
toddler hiding behind door Fear: The Dark

What He's Thinking: I can't see what's out there and I feel unprotected in the dark.

How to Help: Most children are afraid of the dark on some level -- it's a very common fear of the unknown. To combat this fear, try teaching your child how to turn on lights around the house, and add a night-light to his bedroom. "Allow your children to control the amount of light they have on when they go to sleep and gradually decrease it over time," Dr. Ayelet Talmi suggests. Help your child understand darkness by going on a night walk together and discussing all the new and interesting things you can see when it's dark.