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Top Toddler Health Concerns

From potty-training and playdates to toddler teeth and watching TV, we asked some of the nation's leading pediatricians to address some of your biggest worries.
toddler behavior Head Bumps

Q: My 15-month-old son is still learning to walk, so he's bumped his head a few times. Should I be worried about long-term damage?

A: All toddlers fall as they learn to walk, run, climb, and jump. Most of the bumps are mild, and there is no need to worry. So when should you worry? If there is any loss of consciousness, call your doctor immediately. If not, but the fall is big, watch for signs of head injury. Signs include: vomiting in the first six to eight hours after a bump is detected, disorientation, excessive sleepiness, pupils that don't look equal or normally responsive, slurred speech, or dizziness. Noticing any of these signs is reason to call your doctor immediately.

-- Dr. Heather Lubell, pediatrician at St. Christopher's Hospital for Children in Philadelphia