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Everyday Toddler Lessons

You don't have to sign your child up for pricey classes. Teach him his ABCs, colors, and more while he plays, shops, and tackles tasks.
child setting table and counting Boost the Educational Value of Everyday Tasks

The world is a stimulating place for a toddler -- everything's new and exciting! "Kids this age are absorbing new information all day long," says Elaine Ellis, M.D., medical director of the Phoenix Children's Hospital's Neuro-Developmental Evaluation Program. Even the most mundane experiences help build important skills. Think about it: An activity as simple as helping you fold the laundry can teach your child preliminary lessons in counting and sorting, while also strengthening his motor development.

With just a little effort, you can boost the educational value of everyday tasks. "Toddlers learn best when they use all their senses," says Dr. Ellis. "The more they see, feel, hear, and manipulate things, the better the lessons sink in." Our smart strategies will turn your daily routine into fun learning games.