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Understanding Your Grabby Toddler

Put an end to playdate tug-of-war with our guide to sharing.
toddler?s on couch playing Why Is My Toddler Acting This Way?

Your toddler isn't trying to be unkind when he grabs a friend's toy; in fact, he probably doesn't understand that what he did was not okay. "A toddler simply doesn't 'get' sharing," says Betsy Brown Braun, author of Just Tell Me What to Say: Sensible Tips and Scripts for Perplexed Parents. Little kids are only starting to be able to put themselves in another person's shoes, so they don't yet realize that refusing to share could upset a friend. Over the next months, she'll better understand that others have feelings and that her actions can make someone else sad, angry, or happy. But until then, these do's and don'ts will help you encourage generosity, or at least head off a playdate tug-of-war.