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Third Trimester: Images of Your Developing Baby

We've partnered with the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM), Johns Hopkins, and the March of Dimes to create this unique peak into Baby's development inside the womb. These images reveal all the intricate details of your baby's growth -- from a collection of cells to a full-term newborn. While most women may only receive one or two ultrasounds during pregnancy, which is normal, this slideshow of the 3rd trimester of pregnancy gives you a look at each week of development.
Week 35 Week 35 (33 weeks from conception)

Fetal Size: Length, 13 1/4 inches, crown to rump; total length 20 1/4 inches. Weight, 5 1/4 pounds.

Fetal Development Milestones: Baby's kidneys are fully developed and his liver is functioning. He continues to add weight.

What You're Seeing: This closeup shot of your baby-to-be's ear shows how fully developed his facial features have become. He now looks like the newborn that you'll be welcoming into the world in a few weeks (only five more to go!). Your baby is also maturing on the inside too. He continues to practice his breathing movements, which move amniotic fluid in and out of his lungs to aid in their development.