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First Trimester: Images of Your Developing Baby

Do you know what to expect in the first trimester of pregnancy? We've partnered with the American Institute of Ultrasound Medicine (AIUM), Johns Hopkins, and the March of Dimes to create this unique peak into Baby's development inside the womb during the first trimester. These images reveal all the intricate details of your baby's growth. While most women normally receive one or two ultrasounds during pregnancy, this slideshow of the first trimester of pregnancy gives you a look at each week of development.
Week 9 Week 9 of Pregnancy

Fetal Size: Length, almost 3/4 of an inch; weight, 2 grams.

Fetal Development Milestones: Facial features like eyelids and ears continue to develop.

What You're Seeing: The embryo appears at the bottom of the image with his head on the left. The arms and legs aren't seen from this angle, but the umbilical cord can be seen extending from the baby's abdomen on its way to the placenta. The sonographer has marked the embryo's crown-rump length (CRL), which will help to confirm or revise the due date estimated from the LMP. Amniotic fluid (the dark area) surrounds the developing baby.