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Cold Complications

The same viruses that cause a stuffy nose can infect other areas of the body -- or reduce your child's immunity and pave the way for a secondary bacterial infection.
taking temperature Ears

Kids with colds often say their ears hurt, but this doesn't necessarily signal an ear infection. The inner ear may be making more fluid, like a runny nose, and a child just feels pressure. Babies may be fussy, have trouble sleeping, or tug at their ears. Your child may also have a fever.

Medical care: Call the doctor if your child seems uncomfortable, particularly if she has had previous infections. If she's over 2, try a wait-and-see approach before requesting antibiotics. The pediatrician can also prescribe anesthetic eardrops.

Help at home: Ibuprofen or acetaminophen can relieve her pain. A warm compress on her ear can be soothing too.