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Decoding Baby's Funny Little Noises and Sounds

Your child doesn't talk yet -- but she does have a language of her own. We'll tell you what she's communicating with her funny little noises and sounds.
baby talking Listening Carefully

Babies cry. A lot. After all, it's the best way they have to communicate with you. But between the wails, you've probably noticed your infant trying out other noises. In fact, your baby will actually make a range of sounds in her first year-- from the delightful to the downright strange.

"Babies are very social," says Prachi Shah, M.D., a developmental pediatrician at Texas Children's Hospital, in Houston. "Making different sounds is their way of connecting with you and telling you what they want and need." Those sometimes-wacky noises are also a sign that your baby is developing the skills required to get ready to talk. But what do her sounds mean? Our cheat sheet will help you decode her communication.