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Taking the Perfect Picture of Your Kid

From the day your child is born, each moment is so precious and fleeting. You want to document every sweet age and stage, from the first time you lay eyes on her to the first day of school. But getting those great photos can be elusive.
Dad holding daughter in air Get Started

Snap a lot. Working photographers take hundreds of pictures to end up with a few great ones. With digital it costs no more to take more, so get in the habit of shooting like crazy. "Take several shots of the same setup and then change your point of view or pick a different background and grab some more, suggests Mark M. Hancock, a photojournalist in Dallas.

"Say monkey!" or "milkshake." Asking your kid to shout "cheese" results in a, well, cheesy-looking grin. Try words that start with an M; they create a more pleasing expression. To get an infant smiling, tickle her lips with a tissue. And don't forget about keeping it real -- crying, pouting, and sleeping babies are adorable too.