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Fun Tricks Every Parent Should Know

Of course your kids look up to you. But you'll truly be the coolest if you know how to make balloon animals, juggle, or tell a great story. It's easy: Just follow these directions.
juggle three balls Juggle Three Balls

Boswick the Clown, father of two, San Francisco, California

1. Start practicing with three small beanbag balls. Warm up by tossing one in an arc (not a circle) from hand to hand. Never throw the ball higher than eye level.

2. Once you've got the hang of it, take one ball in each hand. Toss the one in your left hand. When it reaches the top of its arc, toss the other ball in the opposite direction. Catch both balls.

3. Repeat the second step, but this time throw the balls back in the air as soon as they land in your hands. Try alternating which hand launches the first ball.

4. Hold two balls in your right hand and one in your left (do the opposite if you're left-handed). Toss one ball from your right hand to your left. When it is halfway there, toss the left-hand ball.

5. When that ball is halfway there, toss the third one. Catch the balls as they land. As you get more comfortable, try throwing each ball back in the air as soon as it lands in your hand.