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Colorful Christmas Crafts for Kids

A red and green Christmas? Not this year! Deck your halls and walls with candy-colored crafts that are simple enough for kids to make.
Painted ornament Have a Ball!

Squeeze paint inside clear ornaments for a swirly effect.

What You'll Need
* Clear glass or plastic ball ornaments
* Ceramcoat acrylic paint squeeze bottles in various colors (deltacreative.com)
* Paper towels
* Ornament hooks

Make It
Remove the top of the ornament and set aside. Squeeze a few generous drops of paint inside the ornament, and let it run down the side to the bottom; repeat to create four or five stripes. Cover the top of the ornament with a piece of paper towel, then hold it horizontally for about 30 seconds or until excess paint runs to coat more of the ornament. Choose a complementary paint color and repeat the process to create stripes on the unpainted areas. When the ornament is completely coated, turn it upside down over a paper towel or garbage pail and let the excess paint drip out (this will speed drying time). Replace the ornament top, then attach hood.