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Pajama Birthday Bash

The dress code is pj's at this dreamy daytime birthday celebration.
You You're Invited

Fold a double-sided sheet of paper to make a cute bed invite.

What you'll need: Double-sided scrapbook paper, scissors, hot-glue gun, cotton balls, colored card stock, pencil, circle craft sticks (unitednow.com), 1/8-inch-wide ribbon.

Make it: Cut a 3-inch-wide strip from a 12-x-12-inch piece of double-sided scrapbook paper. Position paper vertically, then fold one end up about 4 inches and crease. Hot-glue left side to paper and fold top right corner back. Fold opposite end over about 1 1/2 inches, adhere with hot glue on the edge, but do not crease. Place 3 cotton balls between the paper to create the pillow. Use a circle craft stick as invitation body. Draw pajama shape onto card stock, cut into a stencil, and use to trace around typed invitation details. Glue hair and pajamas to craft stick and insert into bed. Glue a thin ribbon to pillow and blanket edge.