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The Best Video Games of 2008

We played until our fingers ached, but it was all worth it -- we found the 10 best kid-friendly video games (no violence or mature themes here). Whatever your kid's age or interest, you'll find the perfect match.
De Blob Video Game de Blob

THQ Games
Wii, Nintendo DS
Rating: E
Age it's good for: 5+

You're a spunky paintball rolling through a city enslaved by the evil I.N.K.T. Corporation, which has blanketed everything in gray and ruled all color strictly verboten. It's your job to splash paint on buildings, landmarks, even citizens, freeing them from their monochromatic fate.

Why We Like It
It's mellow, quirky fun. Younger kids can simply paint the town their favorite color or have fun learning how to mix shades to make new colors. Older kids can get more into the actual game play. (The very funky, jazzy soundtrack is a bonus.)

One Thing We Wish We Could Change
The additional game play modes (combat, time attack) are fun, but we wish they were a bit more challenging and added another layer of depth for older gamers.