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The Anti-Aging Diet

Five superfoods that will keep you looking and feeling young.
Foods all together The Anti-Aging Diet

Do you have a friend who looks 25, even though she's well over 40? Or an 80-something aunt with more spunk than your 13-year-old? You probably chalk it up to good genes -- or, in the case of your age-immune pal, Botox. But, surprise, slowing down the aging process is something you have control over. It boils down to primarily one thing: your diet.

The foods you eat make a huge difference in how your body responds as you get older. Sure, consuming the right things can fend off ills like cancer and heart disease, but that's just the beginning. What you eat shapes all aspects of aging, including your strength and stamina, how quickly you finish that Sudoku puzzle, and the number of lines you see when you look in the mirror.

Now's the time to stock your fridge with the five foods guaranteed to turn back the clock.