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Spot That Rash: Causes and Cures of Rashes

It's scary when your child's skin is suddenly red and itchy. This guide will help you figure out the cause and the cure. The pictures aren't pretty, but you'll be glad you looked.
Contact dermatitis Contact dermatitis

Eww ... what's that? Red bumps that can form weeping blisters or dry, cracked red patches often where the skin was exposed to an offending substance, appearing immediately or, if it's an allergic reaction, days later

How'd it happen? Common culprits: soap, detergent, lotion, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, latex items, metals (especially nickel), chemicals, and poisonous plants

The fix* Cool compresses can dry out the blisters and a topical or an oral corticosteroid and/or an antihistamine such as Benadryl should help with swelling and the itch. The rash can last up to several weeks and occasionally longer.

See a doctor... If, after two or three days, the rash is not getting better or worsens, or if your child seems very uncomfortable. Should the rash not improve after a few days under a pediatrician's care, you may be referred to a dermatologist or an allergist.