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Baby Products We Can't Live Without

You asked, we answered. We had real moms tell us which baby gear really got them through those first few roller-coaster months -- behold the 13 lifesavers you need to register for.
Pod Bouncer from Combi Combi Pod Bouncer

Why We Love It: A vibrating bouncy seat can be the difference between showering and not showering, so make sure you have the right one on hand when baby arrives. The hanging toys and calming vibrations keep baby occupied while you steal a few minutes of me-time.

What Real Moms Say: "This doesn't make any annoying noises or play crazy songs like some bouncers," says Jessica from Brooklyn, New York. "In fact, you can use an MP3 player with it to play whatever music you like."

Where to Buy: The Combi Pod Bouncer costs $90. For a list of retailers, visit: