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10 Biggest Parenting Trends of 2008

From baby names to birthday parties, here's what we think will be major news this year.
pregnant woman reading baby names book Baby Names: Anything Goes

We're calling it: 2008 is the year to break with tradition when it comes to baby names, says Suelain Moy, author of Names to Grow On. That means if you love Irish names -- but don't have an ounce of Celtic blood in you -- go with Aiden anyway. "Parents are also really starting to play around with language," says Moy, creating "Nevaeh" from "Heaven" spelled backward or the funky "Semaj" from the traditional "James," for example. Miss your maiden name? Consider turning a surname, like Addison, Miller, or Carver, into a totally unique first or middle moniker for your kid.

Trend Tip: Road-test an offbeat name by using it to make restaurant reservations. This way you can see how people react in real life, suggests Moy. Need ideas? Tap our baby name finder. We've got thousands; grouped by origin, celeb kids, theme, cool nicknames, and more!