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10 Real-Mommy Resolutions

Here are our favorite sweet, funny, and totally doable resolutions any parent can make.
mother hugging daughter

We love the clean slate of a brand-new year. Whatever parenting blunders you made over the last 12 months (from getting lazy about veggies to BlackBerry-ing through family dinners) -- that was then, and this is now. Make a promise to be a more patient, present, and imaginative parent. What could be more important, after all? We asked real moms for their resolutions. Make these totally doable changes today -- and keep them up all year long.

Don't Say "Don't"
I want to reduce how often I use the word "don't." That means I'll say, "Pease be kind to your brother" instead of "Don't talk to him that way." I think it's better for our relationship for me not to always be the source of negative reminders. When I do say "don't" for an important reason, maybe it will stick more since they are not barraged by "don'ts" constantly.
-- Laura, Montclair, New Jersey