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What to Do with Kid Art

Is your fridge getting too cluttered? We have 14 ideas for what to do with the best artwork your kid brings home.
kids art haning on wall by

Regardless of your kid's natural artistic talent, it's likely you'll feel that every finger painting, stick-figure drawing, and macaroni collage he produces is a masterpiece.

But alas, only so many works of art will fit on the front of your fridge. And at this point, there's a mini avalanche every time you reach for the milk. Here, 14 unique alternatives to the cluttered fridge door.

Create an Art Wall
Take a cue from the art classrooms of your elementary school days and hang up a clothesline in a designated "art space" -- fasten it to a wall in the kitchen, her bedroom, or the playroom. Then just attach pieces with a clothespin. Swap in new pictures as quickly as she's able to produce them. (We like this display method because it's budget-friendly and it's aesthetically neutral and will likely fit in with any decor.) For a punch of color, use a colored string of beads or ribbon instead of basic clothesline or twine, and attach drawings with painted clothespins, colored paper clips, or even cute, multicolored kids' barrettes or hair clips.