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Countdown to Christmas: Crafts, Food and DIY Gifts

This season, deck the halls, walls, and tables with these cool eats and treats.
Melting Snowman Cookie Melting Snowman Cookies

Take a bite out Frosty before he melts away!

What you'll need: dough, frosting, soft gel pastes (white, orange, green), sharp knife, frosting bag, small spatula or knife, white rolled fondant, black edible pen, light corn syrup

Make it: Bake a "blob" shaped cookie and let cool. To decorate, color frosting with white gel paste and spread across the cookie. Once your base is set, roll some fondant between your palms to form a sphere for the head (colored white) and smaller spheres for the buttons (colored green). Knead a small amount of fondant with the orange color and form a triangle for the nose. Draw on a face with a black edible pen. Adhere the fondant pieces to each other and to the cookie by dabbing your finger in light corn syrup and rubbing on the areas that will be adhered. You can either draw on the stick arms with your black pen, or pipe with a thin tip and brown frosting.