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Simple Turkey Day Crafts

Here are a few Thanksgiving crafts your little pilgrims will love to make!
Thanksgiving Pinata Thanksgiving Pinata

Bring some action to your Thanksgiving dinner party with this super fun pinata.

Make it: Make the round pinata by covering a large balloon with newspaper strips dipped in equal parts water and flour -- don't cover the balloon's tie. Once you?ve got 3-4 layers and the newspaper is dry, pop the balloon by cutting the tie and remove it. Cover that hole with some more dipped newspaper strips and let dry. Then, cut two slits at the top and thread a piece of rope through so your pinata is easy to hang. Cut a "trap door," or three sides of a square, in the back, lift up the flap, and fill with candy, treats, or toys for your kids. Then, tape the trap door closed. To decorate, fold some colorful cupcake liners in half and glue them to pinata until it's covered. Hang and get cracking!