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Simple Turkey Day Crafts

Here are a few Thanksgiving crafts your little pilgrims will love to make!
It takes a village Tepees & Houses

What you'll need: Dessert-size paper plates, scissors, brown chenille stems, tape, small brush, sea sponge, craft paint, craft glue
How to make them: Cut paper plate in half. Roll ends to create a cone shape; tape to secure. Using a sea sponge, paint on a background with light-colored paint; let dry. Then, use a paintbrush to paint on designs; let dry. Cut chenille stems into three 3-1/2-inch pieces and glue to the inside of the top of the tepee.

What you'll need: Empty pint-size milk or creamer cartons, craft glue, spray-on paint primer, craft paint, pencil, brushes
How to make them: Glue container closed. Spray on paint primer; let dry. Paint top third of the container a darker color to resemble a roof. Paint the rest of the house a contrasting color; let dry. Use a pencil to sketch out windows and a door, then paint them on.