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Decorating the Nursery with Silhouettes

Create a vintage-cool, personalized look in your baby's room.
Simply Silhouette Double Silhouette

Silhouettes add the perfect touch of vintage modern style to any nursery or kid's room. And as any iPod commercial or design mag will prove, these days they're red hot. Even better, many of these designs can be personalized to create one-of-a-kind, grow-with-them art -- check out our 10 favorites.

Side by Side

Got kids sharing a room? Mommy loves you both equally, and that's why she's getting a double silhouette. Send in photos, and these folks will create a custom canvas. Available in two sizes, these prints look great framed or on their own -- and once you've made one, duplicates are available for only $10. Grandma had better make space on her wall too.

Available at simplysilhouettes.com; starting at $40.