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Sneak In Some Veggies

Slip in a little green to make your kids' favorite lunch and dinner choices healthier.
Girl eating more veggies Stop the Veggie Shortage

We know what it's like. If left to her own devices, your tot would eat mac-and-cheese three meals a day and acts like it's torture to finish her salad. "Many children are not prompted to eat truly balanced meals," says Kerry Neville, RD, a Kirkland, Washington-based dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. The primo problem? Getting in the green stuff, says Neville. In one recent study from the University of Rochester Medical Center, nearly 60 percent of adolescents ate only about one fruit or veggie a day -- behavior that likely dates back to not-so-great eating habits established when they were young.

But you needn't banish pizza forever. Instead, sneak fruits and veggies into your kids' beloved though less-than-healthy meals. Here, no-hassle lunch and dinner makeover ideas for eight go-to favorites.