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Instilling Healthy Habits

Tried talking to the kids about healthy habits? They probably tuned you out! Show them this instead.
hands covered in glitter Why We Should Wash Our Hands

What to do: Sprinkle some colored glitter on your child's damp hands, and have her rub them together until the glitter sticks. Then have her shake your hand, open the door, or play with some toys. Point out the trail of glitter "germs" that she's left behind. Afterward, ask her to wash her hands with just plain water to see how little of the glitter actually comes off. She'll find she needs to use lots of warm water and soap to truly get her hands clean.

What to say: "Even though you can't see them, germs stick to your hands and spread to everything you touch -- just like glitter does. But glitter can't make you sick, and germs can. That's why it's so important to scrub your hands well."