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Kid Shows You Love(d)

Remember these? It's been decades we're sure, but take a trip down memory lane by watching these clips from your favorite kids' shows of all time.
The Great Space Coaster tv show

Barney, Dora, Bratz -- kids' shows aren't what they used to be. Ready to go back in time? Check out this list of your absolute favorite kids' shows from yesteryear (we know 'cause they were ours, too), complete with video clips to jar your memory.

The Great Space Coaster

Who wouldn't want to get on board a trip to an asteroid inhabited by humans and puppets who spontaneously break into song? This '80s hit introduced us to faves Gary Gnu (No Gnews is Good Gnews) and Goriddle Gorilla. Feel like you've seen it somewhere recently? A 2006 episode of Family Guy spoofed its trippy opening sequence.