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7 Stretch Mark Solutions

You're not totally powerless against pregnancy stretch marks. Give these a try.
pregnant woman moisturizing belly

Preventive stretch mark creams "can hydrate the skin and build tensile strength," according to Anne Chapas, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor at New York University School of Medicine. Avoid products that contain the ingredient tretinoin though; they should not be used by pregnant or lactating women.

If you've already given birth, it might not be too late to diminish stretch mark appearance. Dr. Chapas says some products "can rebuild collagen to make the stretch marks less deep and less noticeable."

So whether you're looking to avoid marks or lessen new ones, we've got some product suggestions. Dr. Chapas warns, however, that "using any over-the-counter products on older, white marks is a waste of time and money." So tackle them while they're still red!