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Baby Symptoms Not to Worry About

Anything out of the ordinary can be alarming when it shows up in a newborn, but it's often nothing to worry about. We'll fill you in on what warrants a call to the pediatrician.
Mom and baby on bed Baby Symptoms: When to Call the Pediatrician

Where your own health is concerned, you rarely let a cold put a crimp in your schedule and you probably trudge to the doc's office only if you're suffering. So why has parenting an infant turned you into a raging hypochondriac? Suddenly every weird poop requires you to anxiously inquire with the doctor, and each sniffle seems like an early sign of bubonic plague. If you're scared stiff that your tot will get sick, you're not a wuss -- and you're definitely not alone. "With the first baby, every bump or rash is a mini crisis," says Victoria Rogers McEvoy, M.D., author of The 24/7 Baby Doctor. "Once you gain perspective and realize that most things pass, you can relax and stop obsessing."

Of course, perspective is hard to come by when you're caring for a fragile peanut, so remember this: Most of the time, the conditions you're panicking about (those police-siren cries! that eye goop!) are completely normal. Keep calm with our expert advice on what you can ignore -- and when to dial the doc.