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Surviving Holiday Visits With Baby

Cute as he may be, your new baby can create stress when it comes to celebrating the holidays with family. No worries! Our mom-tested solutions for the car, the plane, and dinner at Grandma's guarantee magical memories.
mother and baby in airport

Holiday Hitch: Your baby tries out her new parrot shriek on the plane.

Travel is nerve-racking to begin with -- and that's before you throw in a squirmy 9-month-old with healthy lungs. If you're flying, move heaven and earth for a direct flight, "even if it costs more," suggests Jenny Smith, of Madison, Wisconsin (mom to said wriggling infant).

No matter how you're getting there, bring baby's familiar items, such as a blanket, stuffed animals, and spare pacis to proffer when she tosses one into the next row. Along with baby's mainstays, take a stash of toys to present when the tears start, and pack twice as many snacks as you think you'll need. And don't forget: Babies enjoy reading material as much as you do. Tote a slew of books for your little one.