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7 Super Ways to Enjoy Your Maternity Leave

Learning to enjoy maternity leave isn't easy for everyone. We've narrowed down some tips and tricks from the pros about how to make your time off count.
mother holding new baby Maternity Leave Prep Tips

Oh, the plans I had for my maternity leave. All the friends I was going to visit. All the books I was going to read while my baby napped peacefully in her bassinet, not to mention movies and new-parent groups.

But by the time I figured out what was available in my area, what to pack in the diaper bag, and how to time a trip so I wouldn't wind up with a crying, wet baby in a no-diaper-change zone, maternity leave was over. So, my pregnant friends, my advice is to get it together before Baby shows up, so you can actually enjoy part of your leave! Here's what I wish I'd done.