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Secrets of the Pediatrician's Office

You probably have plenty of questions for your baby's pediatrician, but there might be a few you're afraid to ask: Did it drive him crazy that you brought up a possible speech delay at the end of a sick visit? And you like his partner better, but will his feelings be hurt if you switch? Lucky for you, we talked to lots and lots of doctors, nurses, and office managers to find out 12 must-know secrets of the pediatrician's office.
in the waiting room Mondays have the longest waits.

If you're thinking you can bring your kid in for a well visit first thing Monday, be out by mid-morning, and squeeze in a grocery-shopping trip by lunchtime, forget it. Pick any other weekday, because Mondays are crammed with appointments for kids who got sick over the weekend. So when should you schedule that visit? Wait times are often shorter -- and the staff is fresh and friendly -- for the first appointment in the morning (Tuesday through Friday) or after lunch. Avoid anything right after walk-in hours.