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Naptime Problems & Solutions

If your baby has trouble sleeping during the day, check out these solutions to 11 typical naptime problems.
baby sleeping with pacifier Why Naptime?

There are a lot of things in any given day that can make it hard for your baby to settle into a good sleep pattern. Ironically, the more exhausted your baby is from a restless day, the harder it will be for him to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. "A lot of sleep-deprived parents feel like, 'Give me my nights back, and the naps can take a backseat,'" says Jennifer Waldburger, coauthor of The Sleepeasy Solution. "But it will be hard for your baby to sleep well at night if he isn't napping well during the day." Here are the most common problems that crop up at naptime, with advice for how to get your baby back on track.