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What Type of Dad Will He Be?

Chances are, the dad-to-be in your life falls into one of these five categories. So take a break from obsessing about childcare and strollers to find the dad style that best describes your guy.
the provider The Provider

His Dad Style: His new responsibilities weigh heavily, and there's something almost primitive about his drive to make sure he can meet his family's need for food and shelter. He works late and worries about money (okay, these days, who doesn't, but still).

Early Warning Signs: You already have life insurance and a will. He seems to look forward to figuring out taxes each spring.

Pros: He's heavily researching the best 529 account to pay for college -- that is, if he hasn't already set one up.

Cons: You wish he'd spend more time in fun mode than in living deadline to deadline. He's famous for saying "Just give me five minutes," which means at least an hour. And when you come home with a new stroller (because the one you had was too heavy), he's likely to grill you on how much it cost and whether it was really necessary. Sigh... if he took the baby on more outings, he'd know.

What's the forecast? Your kids will grow up with a model of responsibility and solid finances. You may be able to kick in for their weddings.