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When Babies Should Kick Their Habits

All good things must come to an end, and no matter how much your baby loves his binky, bottle, or stroller, at some point you'll have to figure out a way to help him say sayonara, old friend!
pacifier Pacifier

Give it up when...
Your child is 2, but there's no need to rush things before that age. The American Academy of Pediatrics now encourages pacifier use as a way for babies to soothe themselves and as a tactic for possibly reducing the risk for SIDS, points out Robin Goldstein, PhD, author of The Parenting Bible. The jury is still out on whether pacis, if they linger into the toddler years, cause dental problems or speech delays.

Here's how
Happily announce to your child that the pacifier now lives in the crib, and if she wants it, she has to climb in there with it. (Bonus: this gives her a great incentive to go to bed at night!) When you sense your child is ready to give it up altogether, a visit from the Binky Fairy may be in order. Just remember: don't go cold turkey when your child is in the middle of another major transition, like potty training because she will need even more comfort at those times.