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American Baby's Best Dad Ever Contest Winners

What makes a great dad? Read about these five amazing fathers -- and see how your guy stacks up.
Michael Phelps

In honor of Father's Day, we ran a contest asking moms to write a letter saying why their guy is "The Best Dad Ever." As the submissions rolled in, we read the letters and agonized over who to pick. We narrowed it down to five final candidates. All these dads are winners, as are the hundreds we couldn't choose. Here are the letters describing these caring, fun, devoted dads

Michael Phelps

"In our world, a normal dad golfs, watches sports, goes four-wheeling with buddies, and works late. My husband, Michael, does none of these things. He says our children -- Adam, Molly, and Lily -- are his life. He is truly an angel among dads.

I have never seen a father who is as gentle as he is. He has never raised his voice or his hand to them. His childhood was filled with hitting, yelling, and throwing, and he is determined that his children never know violence.

I suffer from depression, severe sometimes, and my husband just picks up the slack without complaining. He sleeps in our baby's room and takes care of her all night so I can sleep. Then he goes to work early so he can come home early and help me with our kids.

His work is stressful. He is a religious educator for high school students, some of whom are special- needs kids. He never brings his work home or complains. Our children have emulated his unfailing optimism and hardworking nature.

His favorite pastime truly is playing with the kids and reading to them. All you have to do is look at our children to know what kind of father he is. They are the most respectful and helpful children I have ever known.

For these and many other reasons, I believe he is the best dad in the world."

-Anna Phelps, Morgan, Utah