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American Baby: Advice, Then & Now

What we think about babies, breastfeeding, and being a mommy sure has changed over the years -- and thank goodness for that!
American Baby December 1965

The advice we used to give, and the attitudes we had about family life, have evolved in big ways. We've pulled together some funny, interesting (and, okay, maybe a teeny bit embarrassing) things that appeared in our magazine over the last 70 years. Nothing that follows represents in any way advice we'd give today -- but it is fun to see just how much times have changed. Read on for a few very good laughs.

On Breastfeeding

* If you are nursing your baby, you must drink a quart of milk per day. -- March 1964

* A Man's Point of View: As men we must admit that breasts do make lovely sweater decorations. However, as doctors, we remind you that their primary purpose is a source of food for babies. -- March 1967

* Breastfeeding mothers have higher blood levels. They are more energetic, feel better, and are more fun to live with and be around. -- March 1967

* The close, physical contact with the baby triggers the outflow of true selfless compassion for all humanity. -- March 1967

The advice we used to give has evolved in substantial ways over the years. Nothing that appears here represents in any way advice we'd give today.