Quiz: Sibling Squabbles -- Do You Coach or Referee?

Sibling rivalry is an inescapable part of family life; the key is to keep the rivalry friendly. Striking that healthy balance isn't easy -- but it's essential, because helping your kids settle their conflicts at home will strengthen their social and communication skills when they're out in the larger world.

Take our quiz, then check your answers to see how well you're doing at keeping the peace in your home.

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You have just come home from work after a long, busy day. You're hungry and tired and it's time to fix dinner, but your 5-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son are arguing in the kitchen about whose turn it is to set the table. You:


a.) Take a deep breath and remind yourself that they, too, may have had a long and tiring day. Interrupt the fighting with a question like "What can we do to make both of you happy?" so that they can arrive at a compromise that works for everyone.

b.) Tell them that you will be setting the table tonight, then send them outside to play until dinner is ready.

c.) Get angry and yell, "If the two of you do not set the table right now, there will be no dinner at all!"