Quiz: What's Your Clutter Tolerance?

Busy moms have to live with at least some clutter -- papers that come home from school with the kids, bills and catalogs, toys in the playroom, and gadgets on kitchen counters. But you can learn to manage the mess in a way that works for you. Expert Hellen Buttigieg, host of Discovery Home channel's Neat show and president of We Organize U (www.weorganizeu.com), is here to offer her best get-organized advice. She says the ultimate goal is to "make space for what matters most." Your motivation for change? A less stressful, happier life. Start by taking our quiz to see what your clutter quotient is, then get tailor-made tips from Buttigieg on how to control the chaos.

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When you get the mail, you...

Move it from the mailbox to the kitchen table. Where it sits. For days.

Sort through for personal cards or letters, then add the rest to the already-huge pile in a basket on the desk.

Read it and throw it out. I pay bills online and don't want them lying around the house.

Immediately sort through it, put catalogs and junk mail in recycling, place bills in a "to pay" file, and shred credit card offers.