Quiz: Which TV Dad Is He?

TV Dads are usually lovable despite -- or even because of -- their flaws (just think of the perfectly imperfect Homer Simpson, for example). Take this fun, 11-question quiz to see which type of TV dad the father of your children resembles.

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Your daughter's teacher calls to schedule a parent-teacher conference: it seems little Jane hasn't been paying attention in class lately and her grades are suffering. Your husband:

Attends the conference either by himself or with you -- he takes his kids' education very seriously.

Attends the conference, but you would have to do a little convincing to get him to rearrange his schedule.

Comes along -- he wants to see if little Jane needs some tough love.

Has no intentions of attending the conference -- you'll have to fill him in on the details after the big game is over (or quickly, during a commercial break).